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Van Ann
Van Ann as Baby Doe Tabor
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Baby Doe Tabor (1854 - 1935) became the "Silver Queen of the West" when she captured the heart and fortunes of Senator Horace Tabor in 1880. She was born Elizabeth McCourt in Wisconsin, but made her claim to fame in Colorado where silver mining and the love of one man would form the basis of her haunting life story.

When Baby Doe married Horace Tabor, they were united for all eternity in a beautiful ceremony in Washington D.C. which was attended by U.S. Senators and even President Arthur who gave Baby Doe away. Together they created opera houses that brought great performers and orators out West. The Tabors, however, were social outcasts in Denver because Horace had divorced his first wife, Augusta, to marry Baby, but in Europe they were the toast of high society. Their grandiose life continued until the Silver Panic of 1893, when the gold standard replaced silver for currency. All the mines and properties that the Tabors owned were sold - except the Matchless Mine. At Horace's deathbed he told Baby to hold on to the Matchless because it would make her a fortune again one day.

That day never arrived but Baby Doe Tabor remained true to her husband's dying wish. She was found frozen to death in 1935 on the floor of an old tool shed near the Matchless Mine with two dollars left in her pocket.

This tale of love and scandal, of living high, and lonely waiting in order to be reunited with the great love of her life, is told through a moving drama with beautiful music. This story will touch your heart for years to come. Baby Doe Tabor is a "rags to riches", back to rags tale which recreates an exciting, bygone era in western history with exquisite music composed by Jay Stewart which highlights her love story.